Wokefield Place

Working closely with the client's project manager and interior designers, as part of the rebranding of the venue as 'Wokefield Place', this project reinvented the internal spaces in line with modern corporate training delegate expectations.

The scope of works included a full refurbishment of the internal “avenue” to create the feel of an outdoor streetscape with café and informal street furniture for delegates to relax in. This included the introduction of trees, full re-flooring, and the over-cladding of walls and balustrades in timber and natural vegetation. Spilling into the Avenue, a new “Burr & Co” branded deli and coffee shop was formed. Off the Avenue the existing Street bar and Benedicts bars were also fully refurbished. In addition to these works the 350-seat Wokefield Suite and reception area was refurbished. To the first floor the restaurant received a makeover and was rebranded as “The View” capitalising on its views over the on-site golf-course.

Of the upmost importance to the client was the continuity of the ongoing corporate training activities and ensuring that these activities were not unduly disrupted by the works. To accommodate this the works were phased so that key functions such as dining could continue undisturbed, with the majority of works completed within an eight-week period.

Works completed September 2017