Leicestershire Schools

Delivery of numerous new teaching facilities as part of Leicestershire County Council’s ongoing school renewal programme.

Employed directly by the framework contractor to develop several of the more challenging schemes from Stage 3 through to completion, projects vary in size from single open plan facilities to 4 classroom blocks incorporating generous communal learning zones.

Several schemes were difficult to manage in terms of access and site levels, and all have been delivered safely whilst existing school facilities remained in use.

All facilities follow a standard template, with varying external materials used to best tie in with the existing buildings on each particular site. All buildings utilise Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) or timber frame technology, to assist with speed of delivery, whilst also providing excellent thermal properties and a high level of air tightness.

Most projects also include extensive re-landscaping, with fenced ball courts, hard and soft play areas, and wildlife habitats provided to complement the new buildings